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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hanging Out With Emperor Palpatine

The Empire says it will go to Galactic Court after a Tatooine gallery exhibited a painting with Emperor Palpatine's genitals hanging out of his robe. 

The Emperor painting in the Mos Eisley gallery
Dack Ralter's controversial painting is an "abuse of freedom of artistic expression" said an Empire spokesman; and said Darth Vader had asked lawyers to get the Mos Eisley Spaceport Museum of Modern Art to remove the painting, entitled "The Emperor".

Yada Nemolea, spokesperson for the Gallery, which runs the "Oppression of The Empire" exhibition, defended the painting.

Yada said the painting was as "a very satirical look at galactic politics...and of the Empire's turn to the dark side". The painting is intended to depict the Emperor as being as "just an ordinary guy with his knob out, and less of a fearsome, ahem, dictatator".

The Emperor by Dack Ralter
Gallery lawyers have been in touch with Emperor Palpatine saying the painting "will not be removed and is a form of freedom of expression within the galaxy". 

The painting has become a huge hit and people are flocking in their thousands to see "Palpatine's Weapon", as it has been affectionately dubbed.

We've pixelated the image of the painting shown here, but if you would like to view it, get down to the Mos Eisley Spaceport Museum of Modern Art and judge for yourself. 

Personally, we here at Jedi Order PR, think it's just a load of old bollocks.

Inspired by the original story of Jacob Zuma's controversial painting courtesy of The Times Live

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