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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mace Windu


"I'm Mace, and Windu's 7 was my idea."


Mace Windu. Cool, sophisticated Jedi Master with a unique purple Lightsaber and a host of snappy lines that rivalled Yoda's in the Jedi Temple. Boy was he badass. He had a deep distrust of Annakin Skywalker and made no secret of it!

Why was it then, that this less then, *ahem*, 'superfly' Jedi Master was ultimately destroyed by his own arrogance at the hands of the puny but powerful Dark Lord, Darth Sidious, AKA Chancellor Palpatine? 

Perhaps it was down to his own cocky attitude and belief that he was 'so badass' he was invincible. Either way we shall never know, but one thing is certain: when it comes to death by 'defenestration', it's not the fall from a great height that will kill you; it's the pavement below.

It is believed Mace Windu's favourite song was "I Believe I Can Fly" by R.Kelly, which is ironic really considering the way in which he met his demise.


  1. I've also been told he liked to sing along with Nicole Kidman to "One Day I'll Fly Away". He loved Moulin Rouge!

  2. Zing! Very good Vikki! Now lets see if we can think of any more...At Christmas he liked nothing better than to put on The Snowman movie and hum along to "We're walking in the air..." Boomtish.

  3. That's very clever!
    HLet's not forget that he also was a fan of Foo Fighters! "Learn to Fly" was actually among his favourite songs.

  4. Recently unearthed in his CD collection: Westlife "Flying Without Wings"!

  5. What about some Nelly Furtado then?
    I actually can picture Master Windu strolling the corridors of the Jedi Temple singing "I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away".
    Haha! I have no life! :D

  6. We enjoy a bit of Nelly here at Jedi Order PR!
    Julie Cruz's theme to Twin Peaks 'Falling' is another Windu fave of ours too!

  7. And if you strain your ears a bit, you can actually hear Windu sing to Sidious "Fly me to the Moon, let me play among the stars...." with a very Sinatra-esque voice!