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Sunday, 31 October 2010

"Happy Halloween!"

"I'm not using a pumpkin for my Jack O'Lantern tonight. I'm using Jango Fett's helmet. Looks awesome with a candle in it." Jedi Order PR

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Star Claws

Meow! Kitty-Cat Kenobi

"Nine lives? Pffft! Who needs nine lives when you're packing the coolest weapon in the galaxy?!"

Saturday, 23 October 2010


The circle is complete!
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Friday, 22 October 2010

The Mos Eisley Cantina Scandal

"I've been looking forward to this moment for a long time, Solo" utters the over zealous Rodian bounter hunter, Greedo, as he sits opposite Han Solo in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Greedo has been hired by Jabba the Hutt to 'bring Han in to pay his debt' and thus collect a bounty placed on his head by the vile gangster.

Han claims not to have the money on him when Greedo, losing his patience with the scoundrel smuggler, fires his blaster at near point blank range and MISSES! Proving to be the last bad decision he would ever make, Greedo is incinerated by Han's powerful blaster pistol as he returns fire. Han then casually exits the Cantina leaving Greedo's corpse smouldering in the booth.

Contrary to Imperial propaganda, there is NO evidence to support their theory that "Han Shot First" in what would have been an act of cold-blooded, callous murder. To support this, the Jedi Order commisioned a propaganda poster to address the issue. The poster is presented here for the first time.

"Sorry about the mess, Empire!" Case closed. 

Jedi Heroes Unleashed

Jedi Artwork Courtesy of @Mandal0re
I believe I'm a Jedi.
I believe there's a reason why.
I think about it every night and day,
In a galaxy far away.
I believe I can soar
I'll keep on fighting 
And I'll fight some more,
I believe I'm a Jedi.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Stupid Troopers

"Some Like It Hoth"

"Psst, anyone got any, erm, 'ice'?"
Revelations from Princess Leia that she took drugs while stationed on Hoth sent shock waves throughout the galaxy this week. We caught up with Leia yesterday for an exclusive interview on the whole shocking 'episode'...

JOPR: Your Highness, thank you for taking the time to see us. 
PL: You're welcome, I'm glad we finally got the chance to meet.

JOPR: Your revelations about your time on Hoth have caused quite a stir this week, why did you want to tell this story now?
PL: I felt the time was right, you know, to 'come clean' as it were, and I had 'a bad feeling' about it being revealed by a third party.

JOPR: And that 'third party' might be? 
PL: Well I wouldn't like to say exactly, I don't want to point fingers, just some laser brain out to make a fast credit. 

JOPR: You were quoted as saying "I didn’t like Hoth that much, it was just a case of getting on whatever transporter I needed to take to get in to orbit." What did you mean by this?
PL: When you're stationed on a secret Rebel Base for months it can get to you. There's the pressure of leading the Rebellion, and, wanting to fit in. I didn't just want to be 'the spoiled little rich kid' who bossed people around. So I turned to drugs as a release from that pressure.
JOPR: Did you think that this could send out the 'wrong impression' to the Rebels stationed with you? 
PL: At first, but nobody actually saw me 'take' anything, I did it in the Freezer.

JOPR: The Freezer?
PL: Yes, sorry, my own quarters, that's what we called our private quarters,  they didn't have any heating!

JOPR: *Laughs*, Oh I see. So how did you manage to score these drugs?
PL: A young Rebel, *name deleted* used to supply 'ice' to many officers. We used to meet out by the second marker. 

JOPR: Weren't you worried your Tauntaun would freeze before you got to the first marker?
PL: No, I would send a 'representative' - I'm not stupid, I didn't want to get caught and there's Wampa's out there!

"After Alderaan, it was a dark time for the Rebellion. Hoth was a very in-hospitable place. There was no Obi-Wan around to offer me any hope, and then there was the whole Han/Luke thing..." Princess Leia

JOPR: Isn't taking drugs a the path to the Dark Side?
PL: You have to understand, I had been tortured by Vader, imprisoned on the Death Star and watched as Alderaan was blown to bits. I was in a Dark place, for sure, I had demons. The Force is not that strong in my family, but I would never turn, nobody in my family would, it's unthinkable.

JOPR: And the future?
PL: I'm clean now* and looking forward to freeing Han from Jabba's Palace and the carbonite. Hopefully it will go well, last thing I need right now is to get caught trying to free him and ending up a prisoner myself!
I hear Jabba makes women prisoners wear some really skimpy outfits and chains them to his side. Imagine that, it would be so degrading! I'm taking some Thermal Detonators with me just in case!

JOPR: Indeed your Worship, well good luck with that.
PL: Thank you, but I'm sure I'll be fine! And don't call me 'Your Worship' you scruffy looking Nerf Herder!

JOPR: *Laughing*. Thank you for your time today your Highness, and May the Force be with you.
PL: May the Force be with you, and keep up the good work on Twitter.

* Princess Leia has checked out of the Jedi Priory and is a keen supporter of the 'Rethink Your Life' campaign and is now an advisor on drug and death stick addiction.

The Coolest Weapon In The Galaxy

                        "#iloveitwhen I take out my lightsaber, spark it up & it goes *Pzzzzsch hum wowm wowm hum wowm*. It's sooo cool." Jedi Order PR
Did you know that you can make a Lightsaber out of text? We did - which is why this was our most tweeted posting to date - however we posted it just because we thought it was super cool!
"An elegant weapon for a civilized age (){[][][]}<()=========== " Jedi Order PR

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Every Saga Has A Beginning...

This weekend will see Jedi Order PR reach a Twitter milestone, someone somewhere will become my 2000th follower. It's an impressive number, and sometimes I pinch myself and wonder why so many people find my insane Star Wars ramblings interesting enough to read!

The Jedi Order PR story began on the 20th July 2010, a warm summer evening much like any other, except for one thing - I had Twitter on my mind. I had a real life account which I was updating with a tweet that no one would read, (well 9 others would read it to be exact as that was the number of followers it had). I was feeling that Twitter wasn't for me, I didn't quite get it. It seemed that there were the three faces of Twitter: Celebrity Tweeters, Public Tweeters and Comedy Tweeters. The celebrities had followers in the millions, the public in the tens or hundreds and the Comedians (Fake Celebrities, comedy riffs etc) had thousands.

Looking around the Twitterverse it became apparent to me that I wasn't really interested in Kanye West tweeting about the size of his ego, however another account was interesting and caught my attention: @darthvader.

Reading his funny tweets was a revelation - you could post funny material as though you are that person and people can't get enough of it! Twitter suddenly became interesting. Following 'links within links' of 'followers and followed' a number of accounts began to capture my imagination.

I saw some posts about the gulf oil spill from BP, who were desperately trying to claw back some credibility on the world stage using social media, and had formed the 'Official BP' account on Twitter to do so. They had around 15,000 followers. However they were being stalked and lampooned by a parody account calling itself BP Global PR. They had 150,000 followers.

Suddenly things just got really interesting...

Reading the achingly funny parody tweets of @BPGlobalPR was a joy. These guys were funny and they seemed to have an 'endless field of comedy gold to mine from' (if you forgive the pun). Ideas began swimming around my head and I felt dizzy!

Then, I came across an account that was seemingly stalking the BP Global PR one. It modeled itself on the idea of this account. Again it was another comedy tweeter, but this time it was a Star Wars parody of an earth parody of a real account. That account was @DeathStarPR. The idea seemed painfully simple to me - what if the Death Star had a PR Department that saw themselves as the 'good guys', not the bad - that they themselves were misunderstood! Misunderstood bad/good guys with a giant laser of unlimited power - result: comedy gold. Brilliant!

The Tweets of other Star Wars parody accounts scrolled before my eyes like the opening scrawling text from the Star Wars movies. They were all here - every Star Wars character, both major or minor, had an account complete with an army of followers! There were too many to even mention. It was mind blowing!

The next link in the chain came when I discovered another Star Wars parody account that was tweeting responses to Death Star PR, as their opposite numbers. This account was called @RebelAlliancePR (now @RebellionPR). Incidentally, this account would go on to become Jedi Order PR's 2nd follower as we formed an Alliance of our own on Twitter!. Reading the funny, often random tweets of the Rebels is when I had what many would consider the 'lightbulb' moment.

It occurred to me that a piece of the puzzle was missing: there were the Imperials, there were the Rebels but there were no Jedi! It was staring me in the face. The eureka moment was followed by the creative process and soon quickly after @JediOrderPR was born.

It went live that very evening.

Within a week of starting the account it had 200 followers - it seemed the twitterverse had taken to the very idea of accounts representing Star Wars organisations tweeting unique comedy material. Soon there were many, like @SithEmpirePR (now @sithsarcasm) @HuttPR, @TatooinePR (now @Tatooine_) to name but a few. A new one would pop up as soon as someone suggested it (like the infamous @SlaveGirlPR!). As one Tweeter so eloquently put it: "...begun the PR Wars have", and indeed they were so right!

So here we are now, its ironic that my real account still has only 9 followers on it, yet Jedi Order PR approaches 2000. The account has a life and personality of its own, it has this blog and a presence on Facebook too. Other Twitter users send me messages about how I make them smile, 'LoL' and 'LMAO' (Laugh My Ass Off) when they read tweets wherever they are in the world. My day has become timeless in a way, I have messages from all over the world, as Twitter never sleeps even though I have to!

I now understand Twitter, I know how it works, how to make it work and how to make it work for me. Its a powerful thing. However the best thing about Twitter is this...It's just so much damn fun!

May the Force be with you!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Tinkering With The Past

"Doc, I'm Back from 1985!"
"Great Scott!" This week "Back To The Future" gets a re-release in cinema's to coincide with the movies 25th Anniversary. What a joy it will be for many, who have only seen the adventures of Marty McFly on TV or DVD, to see the movie as it was originally intended in cinemas. 

It's re-assuring that Robert Zemekis decided to screen the film in it's original format (albeit with a clean digital polish) and not in 3D which is currently the 'flavour of the month'. 

This of course comes hot on the heels of this weeks announcement from George Lucas that the Star Wars movies will be back in cinemas in glorious, eye-popping 3D, from 2012, starting with The Phantom Menace. The internet was buzzing with this news as fans across the world scrambled to get their opinions on to Twitter, some in praise but an equal amount in horror.

This begs the question; should old classics be tampered with and tweaked in to different interpretations or versions? Is it just a way to 'flog a dead horse' and get fans to fork out to see the films again, despite already investing heavily in tape, DVD or Blu-Ray, as well as paying to see the original movie? 

Some say Star Wars will be awsome in 3D, but isn't Star Wars awesome anyway in standard old 2D? You fell in love with Star Wars in 2D so will 3D make you feel any differently other than your wallet feeling lighter minus the price of a new ticket?

I for one will enjoy seeing 'Back to the Future' in plain old 2D because there is something about seeing a great movie as it was originally intended. However, because I love Star Wars so much, I will probably be found in the queue of my local multiplex in 2012; silently cursing George Lucas as I hand over my cash, yet again.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

"When Vader Met Leia."

Princess Leia is captured by the Empire on route to Alderaan with the plans to the dreaded Death Star, and is brought before Darth Vader...

The Best of Jedi Order PR Tweets

I will try post some of the best tweets and conversations from the Twitter feed along with anything else Star Wars. That might include funny photo's, stories or bits of news etc.

Like this:
"As part of the Empire's budget cuts, Stormtrooper blasters won't actually fire anymore, they'll just make the 'pew, pew' noise. #starwars"

"Roses are red, violets are blue. Stormtrooper's blasters now only go pew, pew!" #budgetcuts #starwars"

New posts items will be tweeted! Enjoy!

Jedi Order PR Official Blog

Welcome to the official blog of Jedi Order PR. If you follow us on Twitter you will probably know all about us already. If you don't, well find out what your missing!

We are the Public Relations Department of the Jedi Order and Jedi Council.We tweet about anything related to the phenomenon that is Star Wars. However it doesn't stop there! Everything is game from Pop Culture, Movies, TV and even topical current affairs and news - all usually given a Star Wars twist.

So, if you like Star Wars or just like whacky comedy, jokes and general sarcasm then there will be something for you. Remember, the Force will be with you, always!