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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Tinkering With The Past

"Doc, I'm Back from 1985!"
"Great Scott!" This week "Back To The Future" gets a re-release in cinema's to coincide with the movies 25th Anniversary. What a joy it will be for many, who have only seen the adventures of Marty McFly on TV or DVD, to see the movie as it was originally intended in cinemas. 

It's re-assuring that Robert Zemekis decided to screen the film in it's original format (albeit with a clean digital polish) and not in 3D which is currently the 'flavour of the month'. 

This of course comes hot on the heels of this weeks announcement from George Lucas that the Star Wars movies will be back in cinemas in glorious, eye-popping 3D, from 2012, starting with The Phantom Menace. The internet was buzzing with this news as fans across the world scrambled to get their opinions on to Twitter, some in praise but an equal amount in horror.

This begs the question; should old classics be tampered with and tweaked in to different interpretations or versions? Is it just a way to 'flog a dead horse' and get fans to fork out to see the films again, despite already investing heavily in tape, DVD or Blu-Ray, as well as paying to see the original movie? 

Some say Star Wars will be awsome in 3D, but isn't Star Wars awesome anyway in standard old 2D? You fell in love with Star Wars in 2D so will 3D make you feel any differently other than your wallet feeling lighter minus the price of a new ticket?

I for one will enjoy seeing 'Back to the Future' in plain old 2D because there is something about seeing a great movie as it was originally intended. However, because I love Star Wars so much, I will probably be found in the queue of my local multiplex in 2012; silently cursing George Lucas as I hand over my cash, yet again.

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