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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Spot The Difference

Leaking out from an un-named source today, it has emerged that Darth Vader not only had the ear of the Emperor, but it seems he may have had that of the 'King' as well. 

Evidence has emerged documenting the moment that the Dark Lord met Elvis Presley, a famed 'Rock & Roll' star from Earth. Despite the fact that Lord Vader is notoriously tone deaf, it's been revealed he was a huge fan of the Earthling King's recordings. 

Over the last few years there had been speculation that Vader had been known to 'download' 'rock & roll' songs to is chest plate iPod and let's face it; when you've heard the Imperial March once, you've heard it a thousand times.
However we can reveal today that this photograph may have been faked and the whole thing is the product of some sneaky PR. We have obtained other so called 'Meet The King' photographs, and things look very dodgy indeed. Judge for yourself and see if you can spot the real* from the fake**...

*The original photograph is the one taken with the then President Richard 'Tricky Dickie' Nixon. 
**Jar Jar Binks never met the President but was implicated in the Watergate affair & remains a hated figure in America to this day.

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