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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Jedi McLovin

It's well documented that despite being the defenders of truth & justice in the old republic, Jedi's are forbidden to love anything other than a good fight with a lightsaber.

Ever since the early days of 10 year old Anakin's freaky facination with a 20 year old Padme (allegedly) through to the now infamous, bile inducing roll around a Naboo field, Jedi's really have had the rough end of the deal. Until today.
Anakin tells Padme he has wood, but she thinks its his acting

Despite the "No sex, we're Warrior Monks" ruling; it would appear that a small breakaway faction of Jedi on on the planet Earth, are tired of the label 'jedi virgin' and declared their love for each other. 

They have also been reported to be declaring this on official census forms, with Jedi now accounting for over 390,000 respondents in 2005 and er, rising.

Free loving, it would seem, is returning to the notorious nerdy virgins as this recently discovered photo evidence from the Wookiee archives suggests...

Notorious joker Chewbacca strikes again and photobombs unsuspecting nerdy Jedi virgins

We dread to think what the council would have made of this. Then again they did say that the force penetrated us and bound the universe together so maybe they saw it coming and Order 66 was a smokescreen? As Yoda was fond of saying: "Meditate on this we shall".

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